27-29th January 2017

— Covers 998 square miles (smaller than Oxfordshire!)
— French / German / Luxembourgish
— The only Grand Duchy!

Luxembourg is a lovely place to spend a weekend. I don’t know if you would want much longer, but a thoroughly enjoyable weekend (albeit not many parties) to be had!

Walking Around

This town is lovely to stroll around. It must have been a defensive city, I guess, because it has so many different highs and lows, ditches and hills and there’s just so much historical character that’s been kept alive.

The casemates are well worth checking out (though like a lot of things here the tourist entrances are closed outside of summer!) as are the bridges than are reinforced old structures. There’s a blend of new and old but the buildings all around have remained characterful.

The Art Work

Confession: I love a bit of modern art. Luxembourg did not disappoint. From the black fountain to the periodic table’s stock exchange, to the history of Karl Marx, it was a mindful experience.


The Philharmonie Experience

I’ve never seen a pure orchestra show. Now I can say I have. The building itself, again, is wonderful. The orchestra was huge. The size practically mirroring that of the audience. Though the orchestra had instruments in their hands, whilst the audience had glasses of champagne. Whilst the experience was delightful I couldn’t help but nap during the performance – they were that good, they turned me off to the world!



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