Lille, France

17-19th February 2017

This was my first trip since not having commitments Mon-Fri, so it felt odd leaving on a Friday only to have to return on the Sunday, simply because that’s what I had previously booked the ticket for. To change it was practically the full cost of another ticket at this point so it seemed best just to leave it as is.

The Language

I have been dipping my toes into the language via Duolingo for some time now but only recently have I really taken it seriously. So seriously in fact, that when I walked into a church that had been given a makeover in the basement (is that a crypt?) to turn it into a shop, I just couldn’t resist.

The lady smiled. “Ah, un cadeau, oui? Tres gentil”

I blushed.

“Non Madame. Pour moi.”

She smiled.

“Ah. Tres bien!”

This was my first trip I managed to remain in the country’s language for the majority of my time there. Even if it had to be kept fairly simplistic for a conversation to be enabled!

The Food

Today was the day I realised something. I have a sweet tooth.

The Shopping

Usually, I’m not one for window shopping. However, I read there were some really fun shops to do just that inside a couple or arcades and down fairly alleys. So, that’s what I did.

They were right. Plenty of shops similar to how Tiger is set up and they were all a joy. In particular, Nature & Decouvertes. I will certainly be coming back here at Christmas time to get everyone their presents!

The Buildings

Architecture is another thing that fascinates me. The effect that buildings can have on the history of a place. Of their atmosphere. On the traffic of a city. So much power in a design, it’s beautiful.