Prague, Czech

14-16th June 2017

The first thing you notice in Prague is all the stag parties (and the odd hen party). It doesn’t seem to matter what time of day it is, there’s always a few of them drinking beer and roaming the streets.

Thankfully, the hostel I stayed at was an easy walk from the station, on the main square. I spent my first afternoon checking out the Charles 4th (he made half the landmarks here!) bridge followed by the John Lennon wall.


That bridge was far too crowded for my liking, however the wall was much better, it even had a live street performance at the time I passed by which was nice.

The evening I spent in a local brewery in their beer garden. Two things to take note of: the beer is lovely and the beer is cheap! We’re talking about £1 for 0.5l!

Come the following morning I went on a free walking tour and met a really nice Finnish chap called Oscar whilst we checked out some of the local sites.


The astronomical clock is the oldest in Europe and runs on 2/3’s of its original components. Amazing! The statue is one of my favourite ones. It depicts the idea that you are your own person but you are often controlling your own persona, which is different, which you project to other people. The artist was a German Jew, living in Prague during the occupation by Nazi Germany. A minority in a minority being rounded up by his own nationality.

In the afternoon, we went for a little walk around ourselves are found the quirky side to Prague!


Later in the evening we met up with Cameron, an Australian, Joelle from Canada and Katherine from Germany (who knew each other from a language exchange) and went for dinner.

Thankfully, Cameron took the role of stand up comedian so we had plenty of laughs that night! My favourite was: “did you know English has the longest word. SMILES. Because it’s got a mile between it. Aye? Aye? Ayyeeeeeee!”

Ha. Ha. Ha. Legend.

On my final day before heading to Krakow, Poland, I managed to get some last minute tickets to the famous opera house where Mozart played back in the day! It was a really fun night, with a very strange (but well meaning) interpretation of Cinderella.


With that finished and my train in half an hour it’s time to RUN!

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