Machu Picchu

12-23rd October 2016

Peru is another place I am fairly ignorant too. It’s not a short list so it’s not much of a surprise. Never the less, I had heard they eat Alpaca here. If I knew what an Alpaca was I might be surprised by that. The only other nugget of information is that Machu Picchu is here. Somewhere. For some reason you have to go to Lima and then to Cuzco and then trek somewhere else to reach it. The start of an adventure for sure

## Let The Parties Begin

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Rio, Brazil

Getting soaked

24th October – 27th October 2016

Brazil was always destined to be good. One of my friends from back home decided to fly out and spend two weeks with me. It’s also the final wonder of the (modern) world left for me to visit.

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