India: Jaipur

8-10th July 2016

Myself and my Karl Pilkington companion, Jonathan, arrive in Jaipur to another barrage of tuk tuk drivers. We hop on one, agree a price of 150 (very reasonable for the distance) and hope for the best. The driver was the nicest I’ve ever had, he was very smiley, told a lot of jokes and was in good spirits. He showed us his book which had comments in from past travellers. Jonathan kept trying to find holes in his story but it was a thoroughly enjoyable ride.

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India: Agra

6-8th July 2016

Arriving in Agra I’m once again accosted by a magnitude of tuk tuks. I ask a local Indian chap from the bus, who speaks good English, to help me figure out where I need to go and ask him to negotiate with the tuk tuk driver. He kindly obliges and we agree 250 rupees but I sense trouble when I realise I only have 500 rupee notes.

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India: Delhi

Delhi 4-5th July 2016

On arriving at the airport I felt a lot of anxiety, presumably given to me by horror stories which travellers who have been to India have shared with me. Part of me assumed, almost knew, that these stories were, no doubt, exaggerated beyond belief and weren’t going to be reflective of such a spiritual, peaceful country that’s about as big and diverse as they come.

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