Toronto, Canada

Niagara Falls Toronto

13-18th September 2016

Arriving in Toronto was one of the most nerve-racking experiences entering a city so far. My sister was helping set me up with a friend of a friend for a place to stay but nothing was concrete just yet. That, up to this point, has been fine. The issue that made this particularly worrying was that, given the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) was on, there was no back up. Hostels, budget hotels, all booked up. I hoped it would work itself out and evidently my nerves were showing when I was communicating with other people.

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Montreal, Canada

Party in the park Montreal

8-13th September 2016

Way back in China, two fellow travellers said I should come to Montreal when I’m in Canada. They were sure I’d have somewhere to stay. Now a few days before I arrive in Toronto and Veronica has said I can stay with her. The excitement starts to bubble. I’d get to see newly made friends a second time and see a city I hadn’t originally planned on!

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