Porto, Faro - Portugal

6-12th March 2017

I’m hungover. Portugal’s off to a good start. Let me explain. I’ve come straight from a stag do. My first ever stag-do. It was good: zorb-football, paintballing, drinking, dancing…… sleeping. Not so much of the last one, but still. Great time.

Now, here I am on the flight. Who’s that? It’s only the legendary Kevin Wisby! Don’t know who he is? Ok. I’ll tell you. He’s a lovely gentleman who works at Russell & Bromley. When I was a Store Manager, he was the men’s buyer. When I opened up Edinburgh, he even came up to pay a visit. Good fun. With him is Stuart Bromley. That’s right. Of Russell & BROMLEY. Lovely. Lovely people.

Better yet, I’m on my way to see Isabel in Porto. The lady who trained me in London at Russell & Bromley. A few days here and then I’m off to see Andreia, a lady I worked with in Scotland. You guessed it. At Russell & Bromley!


The land of port. So without further ado I’m off to the port to try some port. And take a photo with a bridge.

A few fantastic things along the way. Including the most epic McDonald’s I have ever seen(!).

Then, the bookshop which JK Rowling visited whilst teaching English and writing Harry Potter (I thought this was done in Scotland, but oh well).

Very Harry Potter-ish!

Time for some sight-seeing.

How about some modern art?

Hmmm…. Something’s missing…. GO-KARTING!


Ha ha ha. This was epic!

FARO Time!

Andreia! It’s been so long. Her art is amazing. Her boyfriend is lovely. They are building their house which is idyllic. To top it off, the sun is shining!

So incredible. Our friend Vayda is meant to be here. So we do what any normal person would do. Send her loads and loads of pictures and videos of the sunshine. I’m sure she’s not jealous. She should be.

Ahhhh, lovely!

House gathering. That means Sangria! I’ve wanted to try it for so long. Now we have a bucket of it.


Brilliant night. Just brilliant.

To be a true tourist you have to go on a boat, right? So…. Let’s GO ON A BOAT!