Lyon - France

10-17th April 2017

Oh, Lyon. You started off so well. I got on the Eurostar to find I had my own private seat of which to relax in.

Then I arrived in a slightly shady location before eventually finding my hostel. Which just happened to have the coolest basement area too.

The sights were good.

Then I met up with a friend, Becca, at our AirBnB which was fabulous and in such a great location. The neighbourhood was delightful. A family setting, with local green grocers, boulangeries and the like.

I had checked out the square and the hidden walkways just before.

Then we went to check out the local roman theatre which was very well preserved. Then the photos stopped. Not because I was immersed too much in the experience but because I was wearing a pair of shorts which should never have had these shallow pockets designed to lose your belongings.

After the initial run round turned nothing up, I thought. What is it I’ve actually lost? My favourite phone, a One Plus Three sure but what really? The photos are all backed up on Google, as are my contacts and pretty much everything else. My files are all backed up on Drop Box. So it turned out I’d lost very little. Even my phone number could be transferred to a new sim.

So, I try to forget about it. I download the kindle app on my laptop, (ironically) at the local library which had free wifi and very helpful French staff.

Then we ate. The local food was fab. We walked. We cycled – in 30 minutes spates. We found a museum which was just brilliant. It even had an Antarctica exhibition which helped bring back wonderful memories again.

Then I came home, my older brother had very kindly bought me a temporary Android phone and then I bought a new Wileyfox (British branded) phone and went on my merry way.