Dusseldorf Koln Bonn

24-30 March 2017

Another day, another trip out of the country. I arrived in Dusseldorf later than I planned. So late in fact that the hostel I had booked for two nights didn’t have anyone on reception.

Luck came when, fortunately, another guest came outside for a smoke and another was going in, giving me an opportunity to at least get inside. Fortunately, again, they had a board documenting late arrivals and which beds to go to. Unfortunately, I wasn’t on that list. Hmmmmm. I look at my phone. Turns out I’ve not even booked the hostel. Uh oh.

The guys I met didn’t have any spare beds in their rooms, so that was out of the question. There was a couch in the shared area though so that looked to be definitely IN the question. After a couple of beers and a nagging sensation for food a few of us went on a jaunt to get some late night McDonald’s.

After a night on the sofa the real fun begins.

Me and my new friend, Jason, went to check out the tower. What a sight! As any person would we had a look around the place and we found this gem:

Bum bum for two. Well done, Germany. Then we sneaked through an entrance door and went to check out the other levels.

Pretty good sights from here!

The party’s not over yet. Nein! Nein! Nein! In fact, it’s not even started. We’ve got the EU support march and the Tour De France festival still to come. Look at this!

Then there’s the food.

The cars:

We also found time to attend the Night at the Museum event with Marina (who is an absolutely wonderful, Brazilian gem, even with the constant ‘shade’ we threw at each other!).

My shade. Her shade.


At one point we ended up in Koln (Cologne) so here’s the cathedral:

More Food….

At this point, many beers later (they didn’t stay put long enough for me to get photos of them for some reason!) me and Jason parted ways.

I booked to see Starlight Express and booked some tickets to Bonn also. Jason went with a friend to Berlin. Funnily enough, we’re going to see each other again in London. Small world!

Now on my lonesome, I took a friend’s advice and checked out the 4711 store and accompanying perfume fountain.

The chocolate factory and museum.

And, un-expectantly, went shopping:

When I got back to my room I found out that it was only me!

Before heading to the airport.

And reading a book.